Five Roles That You Can Give to A Virtual Administrative Assistant

Nearly every company needs an administrative assistant. If you are an entrepreneur who is soon realizing that you need help in getting important work done daily, then you can turn to hiring a virtual administrative assistant. You won’t need to make room or buy a computer or get more office space for a virtual assistant, and best of all, you won’t have to pay by the hour for their services like a typical office employee.

Here are some important duties that you can assign to a virtual administrative assistant.

Administrative Assistant


Every company needs to put their money management in document form for many reasons, which include paying taxes and watching how their profits rise or drop by the year. Virtual assistants can be tasked to record how much money that your business has, in addition to how much it makes and/or loses weekly, monthly, or even quarterly. They create and update spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel or a similar program, putting financial records in a form that is easy for others to read. A virtual administrative assistant can also provide you with ongoing financial reports in order to help you make more sound decisions with your company’s money in the future.

Booking Appointments

While there is software today that companies use for planning and scheduling tasks, this job is arguably still more successful and fail-proof when it is in the hands of a dedicated assistant. While sounding similar to bookkeeping, booking appointments can also be the responsibility of virtual assistants. These assistants can keep records of important things that each of your employees must do every day, from going to meetings to having appointments with outside colleagues. They can also delay, cancel, or re-schedule appointments at the request of the employees themselves. Virtual assistants can also be tasked to remind employees ahead of important events by either email or phone.

Customer Support

Dedicated virtual assistants can also handle a company’s phone calls. In the event that a customer or client calls after hours, the assistant can forward the call to the bosses’ phone where he can answer it and address the caller’s questions or concerns. You should always have somebody standing by to answer your phone so that any and all concerns are resolved much sooner than later. Administrative assistants can also respond to emails such as those submitted via a contact form on your company’s website. If you need somebody on your team to handle your company’s customer support, you can hire a virtual assistant to do this daunting task.

Project Management

Perhaps you need somebody to also manage projects and ensure that everyone is working as productively as they should. A virtual administrative assistant can also manage a project remotely. Your staff can report to this manager for information on the progress of their tasks or assignments. The project manager can relay this progress to you for updates on how the progress is coming along in segments and overall. If you are too busy to look at everyone else’s progress, this can be another job for a remote administrative assistant.

Managing Payroll

Administrative assistants can also manage employee payroll. With Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software, an assistant can keep track of how much money each employee earns. Having an assistant managing payroll means that you or another employee won’t have to waste time adding up hours and determining how much money goes into each paycheck. They are also held accountable with paying employees and contractors on time, so this is something worth noting when hiring an assistant for this role.

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