Hire a Virtual Assistants

A Virtual Assistant (VA) performs various responsibilities that range from administrative to technical to creative tasks. A VA acts as an online assistant who performs a variety of services such as administrative, support, marketing and much more. The general duties and responsibilities are done remotely which include :

  • Manage contact lists and customer spreadsheets
  • Organize client’s schedule
  • Set up meetings between the client and his customers
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Online and offline promotion of the client’s business
  • Communicate and coordinate with suppliers, customers, and visitors
  • Handle correspondence and transcribe documents
  • Prepare, organize, and ship proposals and meeting materials
  • Translate and prepare bilingual materials
  • Supervise billing and accounting
  • Process customer inquiries via phone, chat, or email
  • Write, edit or proofread articles and press releases
  • Publish email newsletters
  • Complete market or internet research
  • Develop and maintain websites and blogs
  • Manage social media accounts for brands and blogs