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Online VA Team is a top virtual assistant company that can help leverage your organization by outsourcing your workforce and taking care of managing your teammates and HR needs.

As a result of working with our virtual assistant company you will not only save a tremendous amount of money, but also give you the ability to have a partner in managing your staff.

In working with Online VA Team as a top virtual assistant company, we can help you scale your manpower while you focus on your business.  We are a true win-win for many growing companies and would love to partner with you too!

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How Can We Help?

Positions we often help staff and manage:

Support Team Roles

Sales Team Roles

Finance Assistants

Marketing / Social Media

We have full time or part time dedicated teammates that can work in your preferred time zone. Let us bring talented, qualified individuals to help grow and scale your business at a fraction of the price of hiring someone locally!
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Top Virtual Assistant Company Online VA Team

Top Virtual Assistant Company | Online VA Team

As a result of being an Online VA Team client, we will assist you in becoming your own HR team to provide you with your own Virtual Assistants – or as we like to call them Remote Team Members.

Our Team Members are college educated, highly motivated and seasonally trained individuals who work remotely as part of your growing team.

For growing businesses who need consistency, we can handle outsourcing your entire business units with our virtual assistant company. Let us manage your sales team, customer service reps, or support teams.

We can take your business processes and work as your very own HR department.

How It Works
Get started with our reliable and efficient Virtual Assistants in 4 EASY STEPS!
Hire Online VA Team Top Virtual Assistant Company for Virtual Assistant Services
Sign Up

Sign up through the website by clicking on the "Get Started!" button at the top of the screen or Call us at (800) 989-0360 where a customer representative can assist you in the signing up process.

Hire Online VA Team Top Virtual Assistant Company for Virtual Assistant Services
Consultation and Set Up

Once you complete the initial signup process we will contact you to discuss your needs in detail give you different options for a Virtual Assistant / Remote Worker to suit your needs.

Hire Online VA Team Top Virtual Assistant Company for Virtual Assistant Services
Teammates Assigned

You may schedule a one on one call with the teammates that we believe will be a solid match and learn about their work experience and background.

Hire Online VA Team Top Virtual Assistant Company for Virtual Assistant Services
Application of Tasks

Once you have chosen a start date, your dedicated Virtual Assistant will begin to perform tasks that are assigned to them and begin learning your business process. Daily reports and updates are also sent out as a recap of events. You have access to their computer, task management system, and American on-site managing staff throughout their shift.

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Online VA Team is one of the top virtual assistant companies  that can help you skyrocket your business by lowering your overhead costs.

We give you more time by helping manage your assistant and support staff to let you focus on the bigger picture. Our staff can do things like schedule meetings, support inbound calls, help gather leads by calling potential customers, write press releases, post on social media sites for your business, and much more.

Office Hours

9:00 AM - 7:00 PM EST
Monday - Friday

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(800) 989-0360

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Customer Service. Support. Marketing. A right hand go-to Assistant to free up your time? We specialize in cost effective staffing assistance starting at $6.50/hr.
Please let us know more about what you are looking for with an absolutely free no pressure consultation. We want to help your business grow.
We work with all types of businesses from one person assistant needs, to 100+ person teams. Every unique situation to grow your business is different, and we want to help you succeed.
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