Scale Your Workforce with Online VA Team

Scaling your workforce virtually by our dedicated team will help your business grow while we take care of your human resources.  Whether you are looking to hire support representatives for your growing business, additional sales teammates, lead generators or more; Online VA Team can help you manage your workforce while you focus on growing your business.  

Here are the top reasons why working with us will streamline your business process and help your company grow.

We pre-screen and interview ahead of time

Before we present Virtual Assistants to you, our staff undergo a large screening process. This process is done in multiple steps.

First our candidates go through an initial round interview with our on-site managers. 

Out of the 100+ applicants we see a week, we typically select about 10 to 15 of them that we feel represent the quality that we are willing to represent. Afterwards our VAs are given a personality profile interview to see their strengths and weaknesses. 

After this is completed our VAs then go through another round interview with our American staff to see if they would be a good fit for our clients. This process helps our customers be assured that they are getting quality employees that have gone through our multiple step hiring process before they are presented to you.

Our Employees are highly Successful

All of our employees are college educated and excel in their career. We often pick managers from fortune 500 companies, team leaders, and other individuals who are some of the best in their industry to work with us. 

With our Virtual Assistant staff you can be assured that they are experienced workers typically with 5+ years in the field before coming to us.

We work in your Timezone

All of our full time Virtual Assistants have been trained to work at all time zones. Whether you are working in a digital marketing agency on the west coast, a real estate brokerage in Chicago, a Call Center Solution in Florida, or anywhere in between.

You will feel as if your teammate is in the room right next to you just as you would in any office setting!

We are a Cost Effective Service

We are affordable! 
This keeps more money in your business at a fraction of hiring someone locally, plus the management staff to oversee your virtual workforce. 

How is the price so low?
The value of the dollar is extremely strong in different parts of the world. With this in mind we are able to provide our Virtual Assistant staff excellent pay for their area of the world and recruit top talent in areas where they would be getting much less.

The end result is a true win-win for everyone. Affordable Pricing and Top-notch teammates to help grow your business to the next level.


Customer Service. Support. Marketing. A right hand go-to Assistant to free up your time? We specialize in cost effective staffing assistance starting at $6.50/hr.
Please let us know more about what you are looking for with an absolutely free no pressure consultation. We want to help your business grow.
We work with all types of businesses from one person assistant needs, to 100+ person teams. Every unique situation to grow your business is different, and we want to help you succeed.
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