Hire Virtual Assistants

A Virtual Assistant (VA) performs various responsibilities that range from administrative to technical to creative tasks. This general term can apply to various types of teammates that you can read on the left of the screen.  

In general a VA acts the same as any local staff member except they are working in another location.  They can perform any kinds of tasks remotely such as administrative work, support staff, marketing and much more. 

Some general duties and responsibilities might include :

  • Take Inbound calls and route them
  • Manage contact lists and customer spreadsheets
  • Organize any schedule
  • Make outbound calls
  • Set up meetings between different people.
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Online and offline promotion of the client’s business
  • Communicate and coordinate with suppliers, customers, and visitors
  • Handle correspondence and transcribe documents
  • Prepare, organize, and ship proposals and meeting materials
  • Translate and prepare bilingual materials
  • Supervise billing and accounting
  • Process customer inquiries via phone, chat, or email
  • Write, edit or proofread articles and press releases
  • Publish email newsletters
  • Complete market or internet research
  • Develop and maintain websites and blogs
  • Manage social media accounts for brands and blogs
  • Generate Leads

Sound good? Virtual Assistants

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

As a business owner or an accomplished professional, the value of your times far greater than that of everyday tasks such as creating spreadsheets, managing appointments, writing press releases, scheduling emailers, etc. Hiring the services of Virtual Assistant will help your clear your schedule for things that are much more significant to your business such as business development, marketing management, skill development and more.

Hiring Virtual Assistant teammates can greatly help your business scale while letting Online VA Team take care of your HR department as you grow.  

What your Virtual Assistant entails?

  • Local Touch

Hiring a remote assistant doesn’t mean you ought to have someone that can barely speak English, or sound bad on the phone.   With Online VA team you can feel confident that we have pre-screened all applicants and they will be able to communicate properly.

  • Sufficient Qualification

More often than not your Virtual Assistant becomes the voice of your business, which is why we make sure they are well qualified and hold a bachelor’s degree or more. 

  • Proficiency

With a multitude of tasks to take care of, and with the reputation of your business at stake, it is imperative that your assistants are proficient in their work.  We take this seriously.  All staff members are screened through our HR department giving you the best staff possible.

  • Resourcefulness

Whether you need your Virtual Assistant to take calls for you or manage your schedule, whether you want them to make travel bookings for your client or send out personalized gifts to your business associates, you can rely on them for almost anything under the sun.

Partnering with Online VA Team you can scale the services of a Virtual Assistant and can bring great talent at scale.   Please get  in touch with us to learn more and we can discuss your unique business needs.


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